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Better Than Crickets

Small 1/2" Dubia

Small 1/2" Dubia

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  • Prime Small Dubia Roaches (Exactly 1/2") - Precision-Sized & Nutrient-Packed

    Discover the pinnacle of pet nutrition with our precision-sized, small Dubia roaches, expertly sized at exactly 1/2" to meet the specific dietary requirements of your pets. Perfect for reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids, our Dubia roaches come gutloaded and teeming with vitality, ready to contribute to your pet's healthy diet.

    Key Features:

    • Precision Sizing: Each Dubia roach is sized exactly at 1/2", catering to pets that require a consistent and specific prey size for optimal feeding.
    • Gutloaded for Health: Prepared to be fed upon arrival, our Dubia roaches are brimming with essential nutrients, promoting a balanced diet and enhancing your pet's vitality.
    • Packaging Options: Orders of 400ct and under are conveniently shipped in secure plastic cups. If you prefer cup packaging for larger orders, please mention your choice in the checkout comments.
    • 7-Day Vitality Guarantee: With a commitment to excellence, we assure that our roaches will remain lively and suitable for feeding for at least 7 days after they arrive, ensuring the freshest quality for your pets.
    • All-Natural Diet: Our Dubia roaches are raised on a wholesome, plant-based diet, free from artificial additives, to foster a natural and beneficial feeding environment.
    • Zero Pest Tolerance: We uphold the highest standards in cleanliness and health, guaranteeing our roaches are free from common pests such as beetles, worms, and spiders, for your peace of mind.

    Elevate your pet's feeding experience with our meticulously sized small Dubia roaches, designed for seamless integration into your pet's diet. These nutrient-packed roaches not only satisfy your pet's hunger but also contribute to their overall health and well-being. Order now and witness a transformation in your pet's energy, growth, and happiness!

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