About Us


I'm CJ Norsworthy, the person behind Better Than Crickets. My journey into the realm of insects and reptiles began in the late '90s, sparked by a simple newspaper clipping from my grandmother about a cricket shortage on the West Coast. That moment planted the seed for what would become not just a hobby, but a lifelong passion and eventually, my profession.

In middle school, a teacher who kept reptiles in our classroom introduced me to the world of snakes, marking the beginning of my deep dive into reptile care and breeding. This interest expanded as I ventured into creating websites for reptile enthusiasts in exchange for expanding my own collection. My family's support was instrumental during this time, providing space and resources to nurture my growing menagerie.

By my teenage years, I was working with a reptile breeder, gaining hands-on experience and knowledge that would shape my future. Eventually, my focus shifted towards breeding bearded dragons, a commitment I maintained until my mid-twenties. However, witnessing neglect within the community and reassessing my impact led me to pivot towards insect farming, a field where I felt I could make a more positive contribution.

Raising insects and reptiles has taught me invaluable lessons about care, nutrition, and the importance of a healthy environment for these creatures. This experience has reinforced my belief in providing quality nourishment for pets, recognizing that their well-being directly benefits from our efforts.

My grandmother, who inspired my initial interest, has had a lasting impact on my life, so much so that I named my son after her. Her influence reminds me daily of the importance of following one's passions and making a difference in whatever way we can.

Looking back, I cherish the memories of my first reptile pets and the journey they set me on. Each step, including the decisions and sacrifices made along the way, has contributed to my growth, both personally and professionally. It's a path marked by love, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of the pets we care for.

Thank you for visiting Better Than Crickets,

CJ Norsworthy