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Better Than Crickets

Large 1" Dubia

Large 1" Dubia

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Supreme Large Dubia Roaches (7/8" - 1") - Gutloaded and Prime for Feeding

Elevate your pet's feeding routine with our supreme large-sized Dubia roaches, expertly sized between 7/8" and 1" for an optimal feeding experience. Tailored for the dietary needs of larger pets, these roaches provide a hefty, satisfying meal, ensuring your reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids receive the utmost in nutrition and vitality.

Key Features:

  • Generous Proportions: Specially selected for pets needing a more significant prey item, our Dubia roaches are in the prime size range of 7/8" to 1", ideal for supporting healthy, robust growth.
  • Gutloaded with Nutrients: Prepared and ready to feed upon arrival, our roaches are gutloaded with essential nutrients, offering a balanced and enriching diet that enhances your pet's health and energy levels.
  • Shipping Convenience: For orders of 100ct and smaller, we utilize secure plastic cups for shipping, ensuring ease of storage and use upon arrival. For specific packaging preferences on larger orders, please indicate your requirements at checkout.
  • 7-Day Vitality Guarantee: We are committed to delivering the highest quality, guaranteeing our roaches retain their liveliness for at least 7 days post-arrival, providing your pets with the freshest and most nutritious feed possible.
  • All-Natural, Healthy Diet: Raised on a wholesome, plant-based diet without artificial additives, our Dubia roaches contribute to a natural and healthy feeding cycle, mirroring the best in nature's offerings.
  • Pest-Free Assurance: Our meticulous care and cleanliness protocols ensure that each batch of roaches is completely free of common pests like beetles, worms, and spiders, safeguarding your pet's health.

Our supreme large Dubia roaches, measuring 7/8" to 1", are not just larger in size; they are a testament to our commitment to providing premium nutrition for your pets. These roaches are the perfect choice for ensuring your pet enjoys a meal that is as healthful as it is hearty. Place your order today and witness the difference in your pet's vitality and overall well-being!

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