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Better Than Crickets

Extra Large 1"+ Dubia

Extra Large 1"+ Dubia

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    • XL Dubia Nymphs (1" - 1 and 5/8") - Premium Feeders and Colony Starters

      Experience the best of both worlds with our XL Dubia nymphs, designed to serve as premium feeders while also kickstarting your own colony. Ranging from 1" to 1 and 5/8" and just 1 to 3 molts away from adulthood, these nymphs offer an ideal size and stage for both feeding and colony establishment. Their mixed sex composition ensures genetic diversity, laying the foundation for a robust and sustainable colony.

      Key Features:

      • Versatile Sizing: Our XL Dubia nymphs come in a range of sizes, perfect for feeding a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids, while also offering a potential breeding ground for your colony.
      • Proximity to Adulthood: With just 1 to 3 molts away from adulthood, these nymphs are primed for growth, making them an excellent choice for both immediate feeding and long-term colony development.
      • Mixed Sex Composition: Each batch contains both males and females, fostering a healthy breeding population and ensuring the sustainability of your colony over time.
      • Convenient Packaging: Orders of 50 and smaller are securely packaged in cups, while orders for 50 are packaged in bags to guarantee their safety during transit. No packaging requests are accommodated for this size to ensure the nymphs' well-being.
      • Nutrient-Rich Feed: Raised on a nutritious diet, our XL Dubia nymphs offer superior nutritional value, promoting the health and vitality of your pets.
      • 7-Day Vitality Guarantee: We stand by the health and liveliness of our XL Dubia nymphs. Upon arrival, they are guaranteed to remain vibrant and suitable for feeding for at least 7 days, ensuring you receive the freshest and most nutritious feed possible.

      Whether you're looking to provide your pets with top-quality feeders or embark on the exciting journey of breeding your own colony, our XL Dubia nymphs are the perfect choice. Order now and take the first step toward enhancing your pet's diet and fostering a thriving Dubia roach colony!

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