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Better Than Crickets

Extra Large Dubia Roaches

Extra Large Dubia Roaches

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  • Feast your eyes on our Extra-Large Dubia Roach Nymphs, a robust meal solution for your sizable pets or a kickstart to your own roach colony. These nymphs are well-sized, packed with nutrition, and ready to cater to your needs.

    Here's what you get with our Extra-Large Nymphs:

    - Ideal Size: Our extra-large nymphs range from 1" - 1.25" in size, making them the perfect meaty meal for that big frog, lizard, or tarantula in your care. They're not just big—they're brimming with the nutrition your large pets need.

    - Near Maturity: With most being only 8-10 weeks away from adulthood, these roaches are close to maturity but still have a bit of growing to do. This makes them a fantastic option if you're considering starting your own Dubia roach colony.

    - Mixed Sex: This bulk offering includes both male and female nymphs, maintaining a diverse mix in your feeding or breeding options.

    - Economical Bulk Purchase: With our bulk purchasing option, you get more for your money. It's an effective way to cater to the dietary needs of your pets or jumpstart your roach colony.

    - Perfect for Various Pets: These sizable nymphs are ideal for adult bearded dragons, tarantulas, or anyone looking to start a Dubia roach colony.

    - Nutritional Advantage: Extra-large nymphs offer a healthier, heartier alternative to crickets. They deliver superior nutritional value that supports the overall wellbeing of your pets.

    - Pest-Free Guarantee: Our nymphs come with a pest-free guarantee. We ensure there are no dermestid beetles, buffalo beetles, worms, or spiders in our colonies.

    Opt for our Extra-Large Dubia Roach Nymphs for a reliable, nutritious, and substantial meal solution for your larger pets or an excellent start to your own roach colony. They are more than just a meal—they're a vital component to your pets' health and your potential roach colony's success.
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