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Better Than Crickets

Dubia Roach Starter Colony

Dubia Roach Starter Colony

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Experience the perfect balance of simplicity and productivity with our meticulously curated Dubia Roach Starter Colony. With a comprehensive mix designed to kick-start your roach colony, this package is ideal for both novice keepers and experienced breeders alike.

Here's what our Starter Colony package includes:

- Five mature and robust adult males, ready to ensure a thriving breeding environment.
- Ten fertile and healthy adult females, each prepared to contribute to a prolific and self-sustaining colony.
- A diverse collection of 100 mixed-size nymphs, ranging from small to jumbo. These juveniles are set to become the next generation of breeders, providing your colony with a continuous cycle of growth.

This balanced setup of 115 roaches plus an overcount allows for a harmonious, self-sustaining colony that will serve you and your pets with a consistent source of nutrition. Whether you're a reptile enthusiast looking for a dependable feeder colony or an adventurous pet lover keen on sustainable pet nutrition, our Dubia Roach Starter Colony is your one-stop solution.

From the moment you introduce this colony into your environment, you're setting the stage for a bustling community of Dubia roaches. The nymphs will gradually mature into adults, ensuring the continual replenishment of the colony. And remember, these roaches aren't just nutritious—they're beloved by reptiles, making mealtime an absolute delight for your pets.

Invest in our Dubia Roach Starter Colony and witness the magic of a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem right in your own home. It's a hands-on, fascinating, and rewarding experience that brings a piece of the natural world to your living space.

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