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Better Than Crickets

Dubia Roach Starter Colony

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Included in the 100 Count Starter Colony package:

5 Young Adult Males

10 Young Adult Females

100 Randomly assorted juvenile nymphs (Smalls, Mediums, Larges, Jumbos)

Our 100 Dubia roach starter colony is perfect for the 1 or 2 pet household.

Should I use the included nymphs as feeders?

Not unless you have to. The nymphs are included to provide you with a long lasting and sustaining colony. As the females get older they become less productive and the nymphs are there to replace the older males and females so that you always have a bustling colony.

When can I start feeding my pets from the Starter colony?

Ideally, you would want to wait 4-6 months to let your colony mature and be producing enough so that you can hold some back to continue replacing old breeders and have plenty left over to feed your pets. Many people chose to wait 5-6 weeks as this is the shortest amount of time before you begin seeing babies.

Why are my females not having babies?

Your females matured less than a week ago. That means it can take another 60-70 days before they hatch their first ootheca of babies. Patients is key to having a thriving colony. We give you the freshest females available so that they will be breeding for you longer.

What if I produce more than my critter wants?

Well, typically reptiles love dubia so much that might not be a problem! But if it is, it’s actually another benefit of having your own colony! Many of our customers end up selling the extra roaches on craigslist, facebook, and eBay and their returns can be quite nice! You can use the extra dough to spoil your critter!