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Better Than Crickets

Dubia Roach Starter Colony

Dubia Roach Starter Colony

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New Improved Composition:
-Males: Increased to 7 (previously 5)
-Females: Doubled to 20 (previously 10)
-Mixed Count: Now 150, Upgraded from 100

Elevate your roach colony's productivity with our newly enhanced Dubia Roach Starter Colonies. We've carefully recalibrated the mix, increasing the number of males to 7 and doubling the females to 20, ensuring a more dynamic and sustainable breeding environment. Plus, with our boosted mixed count now at 150 roaches, you're set for a robust start.

Key Benefits:
Rapid Colony Growth: The optimized ratio of males to females accelerates the breeding process.
Increased Productivity: More females mean a higher rate of reproduction, yielding a larger colony in a shorter time frame.
Ready Sooner: With these improvements, your colony will reach a sustainable size faster, making them ready to feed to your pets sooner than before.

Our upgraded starter colonies are ideal for pet owners seeking a reliable and efficient source of nutrition for their reptiles, amphibians, or insectivorous pets. Start your colony today and experience the difference in growth and productivity!


Please note: adult Dubia Roaches succumb easily to stress. It's common for some to die in shipping, or shortly after they arrive. We add several extra adult male and female Dubia Roaches, as well as an additional 20% extra nymphs, so that when some die, there will be extra to take their place. We do not replace dead adult Dubia Roaches that died from shipping unless a majority perished, or we are able to include them in your next package. 

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