How To Get Rid Of Flies In Your Dubia Roach Colony

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Your Dubia Roach Colony

Phorid Flies
Is your Dubia roach colony under siege from tiny phorid flies? Fret no more; we're here to share our proven, pesticide-free solution derived from years of experience in bug farming and extermination.

Phorid flies, a common nuisance in Dubia roach colonies, are distinctive with their dark black eyes and humped backs. They often skitter around surfaces more than they fly. This behavior is beneficial for us, as it makes them easier to capture with surface traps instead of the conventional airborne traps used for fruit flies. Phorid flies gravitate towards decaying matter like deceased Dubia roaches and damp frass. Interestingly, these flies thrive in similar conditions as our roaches, but with some subtle adjustments in temperature and humidity, we can substantially reduce their numbers.

Tackling phorid flies requires a simple four-step approach:

Step 1: Eliminate Fly Attractions

To begin, remove any elements attracting and nurturing these flies. This includes dead Dubia roaches, food waste, or damp frass, which serves as a breeding ground for fly larvae. A vacuum cleaner can speed up this process, especially if you're dealing with multiple bins. Be vigilant about moisture build-up on the walls or a leaking waterer, as these can dampen the frass.

Step 2: Monitor Humidity and Ventilation

High humidity or inadequate ventilation often heralds an influx of phorid flies. To discourage these pests, aim to maintain the humidity inside your Dubia roach enclosure at around 50%. You can decrease humidity to 35% to further deter phorid flies, but any lower could compromise your roach colony's longevity.

Step 3: Construct a Trap

A straightforward and effective way to control phorid fly numbers is by constructing a simple trap. Glue boards with a vinegar cap in the middle are your best bet. Please keep these traps out of reach from pets, as they can get stuck in the adhesive. If an accident occurs, cooking or vegetable oil will neutralize the glue. Given phorid flies' preference for running around, the glue board effectively ensnares them. Position this trap on top of your Dubia roach bin's lid, where the flies tend to enter or exit.

Simple Phorid Fly Trap

Step 4: Maintain a Clean Environment

Routine maintenance is crucial. Check the frass for dead bodies once or twice a week and replace the glue boards or vinegar traps regularly. Such diligent upkeep will significantly mitigate or entirely eradicate phorid flies from your Dubia roach colony.

Nobody likes flies, especially not in their roach colonies. Following the steps outlined above will drastically improve your odds of effectively removing these pests. Remember, though, skipping steps or excessively drying your colony will not only fail to eliminate the flies in the long run, but also endanger your Dubia roach colony's lifespan.

Get a head start on your phorid fly problem today. The earlier you begin, the quicker you'll reclaim your roach colony from these pesky intruders.
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