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Welcome to Better Than Crickets, your premium Dubia roach farm, committed to providing the finest live feed for your exotic pets. Today, we've compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions about Dubia roaches. As a preferred dietary staple for various reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians, these feeder insects offer multiple advantages over traditional options, like crickets.


What are Dubia Roaches?

Dubia roaches, or Blaptica dubia, are a species of cockroach native to Central and South America. They're recognized for their impressive nutritional profile, ideal for maintaining the health and vitality of exotic pets. Dubia roaches are low in fat, high in protein, and provide a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals.


Why should I choose Dubia Roaches over Crickets?

Our name, Better Than Crickets, says it all! Dubia roaches hold numerous benefits over crickets as a feed source:

1. Nutritional Content: Dubia roaches boast a more nutrient-dense profile than crickets, offering higher protein levels and an optimal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, crucial for preventing metabolic bone disease in reptiles.

2. Less Odor: Unlike crickets, Dubia roaches emit fewer unpleasant smells, making them a favorite among pet owners.

3. Longer Lifespan: Healthy Dubia roaches outlive crickets, providing you with a food source that lasts longer.

4. Less Noise: Enjoy a quieter household with Dubia roaches; they don't chirp like crickets.

5. Easier to Manage: Dubia roaches are less likely to escape and are far easier to handle than crickets.


Are Dubia Roaches safe for my pet?

Absolutely! Dubia roaches are a safe, healthy, and natural food source for many exotic pets. They're free from diseases and parasites that could harm your pets. However, like all feeder insects, they should be purchased from reliable suppliers like Better Than Crickets to ensure quality and safety.

How should I store my Dubia Roaches?

Dubia roaches should be housed in a smooth-sided container with a tight-fitting lid to prevent escapees. They thrive in warm temperatures (between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit) and require access to food and water. With proper care, your Dubia roaches from Better Than Crickets can live up to 2 years!

How do I feed Dubia Roaches to my pet?

Ensure you choose roaches that are smaller than the space between your pet's eyes to prevent potential choking. Using tweezers or forceps can simplify and sanitize the feeding process. Always remember to remove any uneaten roaches from your pet's enclosure.

Can I breed Dubia Roaches at home?

Yes, it's possible to breed Dubia roaches at home, and it can be cost-effective if you have several exotic pets. They require a warm, dark place with adequate food and water. Females give live birth to up to 40 nymphs at a time. However, breeding roaches isn't for everyone, which is why Better Than Crickets is here to provide a trouble-free source of these nutritious feeders. Learn how to set up a Dubia roach colony here - Dubia Roach Care Sheet


Are Dubia Roaches easy to digest for my pets?

Yes, due to their softer exoskeleton, Dubia roaches are easier to digest compared to other feeder insects. This makes them particularly beneficial for young or weak pets, making Dubia roaches from Better Than Crickets an excellent choice.


Can all reptiles eat Dubia Roaches?

Most reptiles, including bearded dragons, geckos, and monitors, enjoy Dubia roaches. Amphibians and arachnids such as tarantulas and scorpions can also be fed Dubia roaches. However, ensure the roach's size is suitable for your pet's size; it should not be larger than the space between its eyes.

What do Dubia Roaches eat?

Dubia roaches are not picky eaters. At Better Than Crickets, we feed our roaches fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-quality roach chow, ensuring they are loaded with nutrients for your pet. When you order Dubia roaches from us, you are investing in a product cared for with the utmost attention to nutrition and quality.

Can I use Dubia Roaches for bioactive terrariums?

Yes, you can. Dubia roaches are excellent decomposers and work well in bioactive terrarium setups. They help break down waste and contribute to the overall health of your terrarium. However, keep an eye on their population to prevent overcrowding.

Where can I buy Dubia Roaches?

Look no further than Better Than Crickets! We are a trusted Dubia roach farm, committed to providing premium quality, nutritious feed for your beloved pets. Our live roaches are bred under optimal conditions to ensure they are healthy and nutrient-rich. Find out how we are different from our competitors here - Advantages to Feeding Your Pets Our Bugs


We hope this comprehensive FAQ has resolved your queries about Dubia roaches. At Better Than Crickets, we believe in offering superior, nutritional alternatives for your pet's health and well-being. Stay tuned for more informative blogs about Dubia roaches and their benefits.

*For any more questions, feel free to Contact Us . Your satisfaction, and the health of your pets, is our top priority!*

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