Advantages To Feeding Your Pets OUR Bugs

Advantages To Feeding Your Pets OUR Bugs

Welcome to Better Than Crickets, the premier dubia roach farm that takes pride in providing exceptional live feeder insects for your reptiles' nourishment. With over 20 years of experience in selling and shipping live animals, we have established ourselves as the go-to source for high-quality dubia roaches. Through continuous improvement initiatives, unwavering dedication to care, and a genuine passion for what we do, we have earned our reputation as the best dubia roach farm in the industry. Here's why Better Than Crickets stands out from the competition:

1. Unmatched Commitment to Quality:
At Better Than Crickets, we are committed to delivering the highest quality dubia roaches to our valued customers. We go above and beyond by using real water instead of polyacrylamide (a chemical also known as Water Crystals) and only using fresh egg flats in our containers. These practices ensure the well-being, overall health and cleanliness of our bugs, setting us apart from the rest.

2. Rigorous Routine Care:
We understand the importance of maintaining optimal conditions for the growth and well-being of our Dubia roaches. We provide meticulous routine care, ensuring they never go without quality food, water, and a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. This unwavering commitment to their nutrition results in healthier bugs that grow bigger faster and have a higher survival rate compared to our competitors.

3. Pest-Free Environment:
Unlike other farms that are infested with "clean-up crews" such as beetles and worms that eat their dead or dying roaches, we prioritize maintaining a pest-free environment through regular maintenance schedules and thorough cleanliness. Our commitment to a squeaky-clean operation ensures the safety and well-being of our roaches, providing you with peace of mind when feeding your reptiles. Our Dubia also do not die like our competitors, we know this because our colonies did not sustain a clean-up crew. We used them once, and there was nothing dead for them to eat so they turned on our living Dubia. We got rid of them quick!

4. Optimal Packaging for Comfortable and Happy Arrival:
At Better Than Crickets, we understand that the journey is just as crucial as the quality of the bugs themselves. We take extra care in packaging our roaches, ensuring their comfort and happiness during transit. Each package contains the safest amount of bugs to minimize stress and ensure a seamless journey from our farm to your doorstep. Rest assured that your bugs will arrive alive, and our extensive experience ensures their safe delivery, we guarantee it. We have less that one package a year show up dead!

5. Gut loaded and Healthy Bugs:
We prioritize the health and nutrition of our Dubia roaches. Before shipping, each bug is gut loaded, meaning they have consumed a nutrient-rich diet to ensure your pet receives the most nutrition possible. This commitment to your pet's well-being guarantees that the bugs you receive from Better Than Crickets are of the highest quality. Read more about gut loading your pets here - Gut loading Your Dubia Roaches

At Better Than Crickets, we are fueled by our love for Dubia roaches and our dedication to feeding your pets with the utmost care. With over two decades of experience, continuous improvement initiatives, and an unwavering commitment to quality, we have become the leading dubia roach farm in the industry. Trust us to provide your reptiles with the healthiest, happiest, and most nourishing bugs available. Experience the unparalleled excellence of Better Than Crickets and witness the positive impact it makes on your reptile companions.
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