Glass Surfing: Why Do Bearded Dragons Do It?

Glass Surfing: Why Do Bearded Dragons Do It?

At Better Than Crickets, we're passionate about understanding every quirk of our scaly friends. Among the myriad of behaviors exhibited by bearded dragons, 'glass surfing' often stands out as an enigma. It's that seemingly frantic scrambling against the glass, without actual movement. What's behind this behavior? Let's unravel the mystery:

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Imagine seeing a twin you never knew you had. The reflective nature of terrarium walls can be unsettling for bearded dragons. If yours is reacting to its doppelganger, perhaps a matte overlay or backdrop could help.
  2. Feeling Hot or Cold: Just like Goldilocks, bearded dragons have a 'just right' zone. If the terrarium's temperature swings too far in either direction, they'll let you know via glass surfing. Regular monitoring can ensure they're always comfy.
  3. Space Odyssey: A cramped space can feel like a straitjacket for your pet. Especially for larger dragons exceeding 16 inches, it might be time to think bigger than the typical 40-gallon tank.
  4. Cabin Fever: Even a dragon can get bored. If they're surfing the glass, maybe they're looking for some playtime or new terrarium toys. Engage them with diverse activities and structures to explore.
  5. Cleanliness is Key: If your dragon has just "done its business," their next move might be to escape the aftermath. Keeping the terrarium clean ensures they're always in a pleasant environment.
  6. New Things, New Fears: Changes, like unfamiliar items or leftover feeder insects, can spook your dragon. Regularly inspect their space for any potential stressors and remove them.
  7. Motherhood Approaches: If your female dragon is expecting, she might combine glass surfing with digging. Keeping an eye out for the telltale abdominal bulges can clue you in, and a nesting space might be in order.

    To wrap up, glass surfing is more than just a quirky behavior. It's a window into the well-being and desires of your bearded dragon. Here at Better Than Crickets, we're committed to helping you interpret and cater to these unique needs.

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