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Better Than Crickets

Live Superworms

Live Superworms

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Introducing our Live Superworms - the ultimate choice for pet owners seeking a diverse and nutritious food source for their reptiles, birds, and exotic pets. These energetic and nutrient-rich superworms are here to provide a delicious and healthy meal option for your beloved pets, available in various sizes to suit their needs.


Product Features:

1. Premium Quality: Our Live Superworms are raised to ensure top-notch quality and freshness. They are raised in a controlled environment, free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, or additives.

2. Nutrient Powerhouse: Superworms are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in protein, fiber, and essential fats. Whether you have a voracious bearded dragon, an inquisitive bird, or a picky reptile, these superworms offer the nutrition your pets require to thrive.

3. Various Sizes: We offer superworms in a range of sizes, catering to the dietary needs of various pets. From small superworms for hatchlings and juveniles to larger ones for adult reptiles and birds, you can find the perfect size for your pets.

4. Live and Vigorous: Our Live Superworms are shipped to you lively and full of energy. This liveliness engages your pets, encouraging natural hunting and foraging behaviors, essential for their mental and physical well-being.

5. Secure Packaging: We take pride in our secure packaging, ensuring that the superworms arrive at your doorstep in prime condition. The packaging is designed for ease of use, making feeding your pets a breeze.

6. Versatile Feeding: Live superworms can be utilized as a staple food source or an occasional treat, adding variety to your pet's diet. They are suitable for a wide range of animals, including geckos, turtles, chickens, and more.

7. Extended Shelf Life: With proper storage, our Live Superworms boast an extended shelf life. You can stock up with confidence, knowing your pets will always have access to fresh and nourishing food.

8. Hydration Convenience: Keep your superworms fresh and hydrated by occasionally adding a slice of carrot or potato. This ensures your pets receive not only vital nutrients but also the moisture they require for optimal health.


Feeding Instructions:

- Feed superworms to your pets in accordance with their specific dietary needs. Seek guidance from a veterinarian or pet expert if necessary.

- Always provide fresh water alongside superworms to ensure your pets remain well-hydrated.


Elevate your pet's diet with our Live Superworms, available in various sizes to accommodate all your pet's stages of growth. Order now and witness the joy on your pet's face as they indulge in these delectable and nourishing treats. Your pet's happiness and well-being are our utmost priorities!

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