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Better Than Crickets

Small Dubia Roaches

Small Dubia Roaches

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  • Experience the ideal dietary progression with our Small Dubia Roach Nymphs. These slightly larger roaches provide the next step in nutrition as your pets grow, ensuring they receive the right balance of size and nourishment.

    Here's what our Small Nymphs bring to the table:

    - Ideal Size: Our small nymphs measure between 3/8" - 5/8", offering a manageable yet nutritious meal for your growing pets. Comparable in size to a sunflower seed, these roaches are similar to a medium cricket, but they offer a superior balance of nutrition and digestibility.

    - Buy in Bulk and Save: Purchasing our small nymphs in bulk quantities offers you an excellent opportunity to save while securing a reliable food source for your pets.

    - Minimal Care: Like their smaller counterparts, these roaches can last for weeks at room temperature. Their low maintenance requirements make them an easy choice for busy pet owners.

    - Broadly Suitable: Small Dubia roach nymphs are a great meal option for an array of pets, including Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, tarantulas, frogs, and more.

    - Superior Nutrition: Offering a healthier, heartier alternative to crickets, our Dubia roaches ensure your pets receive all the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development.

    - Pest-Free Promise: Our nymphs are free from common pests such as dermestid beetles, buffalo beetles, worms, or spiders. Rest assured, when you choose our roaches, you're choosing quality.

    Graduate your pet's diet to the next level with our Small Dubia Roach Nymphs. Not only will they appreciate the increase in size, but they'll also benefit from the excellent nutritional balance these roaches offer. Invest in a meal solution that grows with your pet—invest in our Small Dubia Roach Nymphs.
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